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This site is an opinion blog about Perl Subroutine Signatures. Subroutine Signatures is plan to added to Perl in the near future. I have a very strong concern in the future of Perl, so I created an independent site about sub signatures. My name is Yuki Kimoto. I'm Perl Light User. I have no media power, community power, political power, and big company power. I just feel and talk about the heart of a weak perl user without a voice.

Is the new grammar easy to google search?

Is the new grammar of subroutine signatures easy to google search?

One of the criticisms of Perl is that "it cannot search google because it has many symbols".

Increasing the number of difficult-to-search symbols also increases the blame for Perl.

New symbol in subroutine signature

In general, unlike function names, symbols are difficult to search for google.

List new symbols in the proposal of subroutine signature.

  • @
  • %
  • !$foo
  • :$foo
  • ?$foo
  • ??$foo
  • is
  • isa
  • where
  • Is it easy to understand when a beginner reads the code?

    Can one million Perl light users easily search for google?

    Put your hand on your chest and think sincerely and honestly.

    If you think Perl is part of the Perl community, it will take mistake.

    Perl is also connected to business users and light users outside of Perl community.

    What is a good balance?