SPVM Installation

SPMV Installation is described. SPVM is a programing language, but also SPVM is a CPAN module writen by Perl and C language. You can install SPVM from CPAN using cpan or cpanm command.

Install SPVM using cpanm if you has user Perl in user directory using perlbrew or plenv.

cpanm SPVM

Install SPVM using cpan command.

cpan SPVM

What are the Advantages that SPVM programming language is a CPAN module?

The Advantages is that you can upgrade by simply installing SPVM from CPAN.

SPVM is a programming language, but also a Perl module, and works with Perl.

Binary compatibility is kept in upgrading unlike Perl in this point.

SPVM has a Native API for operating SPVM in cooperation with C language. In the C language level, SPVM has a way to keep the backward compatibility when upgrading.